I’m Editing ;-)

Hi Darlings!!
I have spent a good 16 hrs filming the Jumper Tutorial over the last two days and now I am editing…This is a long one because there are some extra fabulous lessons in this one so I will be editing for at least another day.  It is 2am right now and I managed to edit a small portion before my brain gave out, lol! I am going to bed but I will see you soon 😉
Stay tuned…..


17 thoughts on “I’m Editing ;-)

  1. Can't wait to see it and make my own jumpsuit. I really need some more clothes for work- which I have to wear all black all the time. So a couple of Mimi- esque jumpsuits would be chic and easy breezy dressing for me especially in this heat. Can't wait to see the video and make my own. Also I liked the shirt pattern you made a couple days ago, are you doing a tutorial for that as well?? Love your tutorials. How's that p90x and no smoking working out? That insane dude makes me want to smoke! And I've never tried it !

  2. mimi ~ you are the best…ummm next year I will be attending the meet up…I don't care what my friends say… :)I know they will be giving me the side eye when I tell them I'm going to cali for a sewing meet up…cthu.

  3. Editing is my day job, so if you ever need any help let me know! It's so great that you do these tutorials to help everyone be just a tiny bit as fab as you!

  4. Im so excited about this!!! I have been lurking lol waiting on you to post it. I made the jean maxi skirt this weekend as my very first project. It wasnt perfect and I can work a little more on straightening my stitching, but it came together….and I received so many compliments!!!Thanks for being a great teacher!

  5. Oh wow, please get plenty of rest. I know all about sewing all day and night but the recording and editing kudos to you cause I know I wouldn't survive, lol. Thanks for all that you do.*BWEnaj*

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