NEW Tutorials!! 2 Different Jumpers

 Learn To Sew with Mimi G. #2
OMG! Finally, I am done, LOL
Here are the tutorials! Please READ carefully all the info below before deciding.
***The following tutorials are available now as hard copy DVD’s only for now because they are over an 1.5 hrs long and that means the file is BIG and will take you a long time time to download after purchase; if you have a slow internet connection you could be waiting hours for the download to finish. I will offer the download option in a few days for those who want to download without having a back up hard copy. I will of course post when the download only option is available***

Each tutorial below has the following new lessons and are both great for beginners!!
1. Using a pair of old sweats and tank top (tank is for the tank jumper) we will learn how to properly copy clothes you already have and create a pattern you can use over and over again! I will also be making future tutorials using the pattern we create here so you will be a step ahead!
2. We will take that pattern and create a jumper with the option for a romper (short version)
3. We will cut the pattern out of paper, cut our fabric and sew the jumper together all in one tutorial.
I take you step by step and simplify, simplify, simplify!! It may seem like a lot but once we get started you will start to see what you are creating and get so excited šŸ˜‰
Tutorial #1 Tank Top Jumper
(Beginner to Intermediate)
DVD Hard Copy $13.99

Tutorial #2 Strapless Jumper 
(very beginner, very easy)
DVD Hard Copy $11.99
Tutorial #1 &2 Bundle
Both Tutorials Hard Copy DVD’s $21.99
mimi g.


31 thoughts on “NEW Tutorials!! 2 Different Jumpers

  1. OMG,OMG,OMG!!!!!!PLEASE tell me you will ship to Belgium!!!!I want tutorials 1&2. I can send you my address and you can check and tell me how much extra shipping will be, PLEASE :)Or is that option already there when you place an order. I hope so because you are INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN & LOVED!!!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Both of these are adorable!!!! Thanks for putting the tutorials together. These are really not my style (well I do like the pants jumpsuit), but I will purchase (to support you and to keep them coming, LOL) to learn to make patterns from existing clothing for my neices and daughter. Please autograph if possible. šŸ™‚

  3. I'm not a beginner, but I'm going to order Tut 1 to support you Mimi because I REALLY hope you will be successful and continue to offer education for the seriously not wanting to look like a 50s housewife revival crowd! I also hope you will offer progressively more complicated tuts for intermediates in the future.You have such a clear teaching style.Best to you.

  4. I love both the romper and jumper! I will be ordering the tutorials ASAP. šŸ™‚ I would love to see a tutorial on sewing knits with a serger. Thanks for putting in all the time and effort to keep us fashionable. šŸ˜€

  5. Thanks for posting for the super beginner. I don't even own a sewing yet but I am very interest in sewing and it all because of you! Please do another sewing machine giveaway, I know that I may not get it but I thought that was pretty cool

  6. Thanks for the support šŸ˜‰ I never sew a full garment with my serger :-/ I don't think its secure enough, I only use it to make the inside of garments as nice and clean as the outside.

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