Today’s Vlog: Bought Shoes + Fabric & Randomness to Share

Happy Sunday!
I bought some shoes, fabric and had some randomness to chat about and update 😉 I am going to have a small giveaway tomorrow so make sure to check back.
Link to my shoes HERE in Black HERE and Nude HERE 😉
mimi g.

15 thoughts on “Today’s Vlog: Bought Shoes + Fabric & Randomness to Share

  1. Awww thanks for checking in…. Your fabric buys and ideas are so interesting. Love love the polka dot fabric….and the pussy bow jumper inspiration yummmmm. Lol can't wait to see your coat. Enjoy your sunday sewing and your shoeeeees! :)If I get off the couch I will Try to do some sewing also. Be blessed!

  2. Wow, Tell the SECRET>>>>>Where did you find a husband that gets excited when you shopping with his money!!!!!!!!!!I need that Tutorial,LOL! You are Truly Blessed! Enjoy your Day!!!

  3. Hot shoes! Hope you are having a great Sunday. Is this your first time coming to the SF? We love you in the Bay, you should consider doing a workshop up here. Anyway, can't wait to see what you create next. You have inspired me to sew! I am having a ball.

  4. Love the cute fabrics you've gotten. Would love to see how the jumpsuit turns out. That pussybow trend that was really prominent last fall that I didn't get on, I'm definitely going to get on it this fall. I have a similar coat fabric in red gray and navy. I was thinking a blanket coat a là Ralph Lauren in the early 90s with red leather piping. I'm so excited for fall! And excited to see what garments your fabrics will translate into. Maybe you should have a sew a long where you take one pattern ( yours or manufactured) and everyone makes the same garment to see how different people interpret the same type of garment. Could be fun! Also, where is the tutorial on the cute little top you posted on July 3????

  5. Happy Sunday Mimi! Thank you for sharing such great finds. I'll can't wait to see the stylish clothes you'll create from the fabric. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  6. I wasn't going to say anything, but I'm with Alethia. I wasn't really sure what a pussybow was either. LOL! Alethia, you are too funny 🙂

  7. Hey Mimi, I can't wait to see the jumper. When I saw the denim I screamed "shorts!" Happy to hear you'll be in the Bay maybe one time you guys come up we'll meet up. Haven't been to Britex in awhile but if I remember correctly, there is a Betsey Johnson store not to far from there and of course the Westfield San Francisco Centre Mall and other Union Square shops.

  8. OMG. I am a new sewing addict and have just found your website. You are incredible! Talented, beautiful and mother of 6! I am soooo inspired (and I have to say, a little envious of your amazing style :o). Thank you!

  9. THANK YOU!!!!!!! So much for showing us what you can find @ JoAnn's, I live in New Orleans, La and we don't have many great fabric shops. I fo frequent JoAnns but never find awesome fabrics like you found. I will make a trip on tomorrow. Keep inspiring Mimi, my creative bones are stiting. Lol

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