Tie Dye Maxi + Giveaway Winner! + Need Help

Hi Darlings!

Okay, I need your help. I am working on the website because honestly there is just not enough space on here, lol and I need to be able to make things easy to see, find etc. DON’T WORRY!!! the blog is not going anywhere but may need to simply expand onto an actual site. 
So……I want to know what you guys would like too see me add to the site; I know many of you want sew-alongs and that will be included, I will also have fashion picks, style tips, all the sewing DIY stuff, an online shop and someone a while back suggested a “what would mimi do” meaning you can send me something you have already or just bought but have no idea how to wear it and I would show you what I would do with it (will the author of this idea please email me because I can’t find the email I got weeks ago)
I also have a few new projects I am working on which I am not sharing…yet!

 comment your ideas….. and……..go

thank you random number generator for doing the choosing for me. Every Day In Stillettos email me your address doll!


Get The Look…..

Tie Dye Dress (local Boutique) similar HERE, HERE or HERE / Mustache Ring HERE /Bracelets Various F21 + Coach / Tribal Earrings F21 (old) similar HERE these are bad ass HERE

mimi g.


25 thoughts on “Tie Dye Maxi + Giveaway Winner! + Need Help

  1. I think that you have wondderful ideas to start with. I think that as you go along you can build on it. I LOVE the "what would mimi do", idea. I'm looking forward to the shop because I need something for my vow renewal next July. Good Luck with EVERYTHING…you are a beautiful and talented woman!!!!

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that dress!!!!Well, My hubby and I just purchased a new house (yeah, US 🙂 and I will be able to have a sewing room (yeah, ME) and I would love for you to include on your new site a "How to create your dream Sewing Space" highlighting all the essentials you would need, how to arrange your space and some storage ideas. I really love your DIY projects ideas also. Plus, links to sites that INSPIRE you.Can't wait until the site is up and running 🙂

  3. hello mimi g! i am so glad my friend finally shared you with me : ) lol. she said she has been following you on pinterest for a while now, and told me about about you maybe three tree weeks ago, now i've shared your site with several friends who love fashion and we are totally obsessed, in a normal good way, lol! so whatever you do, keep all of what you do and more coming. i like head to toe fashion, food, books, movies, ect…….

  4. That dress is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I am in love!!!!!! No suggestions for improving your blog (sorry) I already love it and read everyday :)…I know, I sound like a total suck up LOL but truth is truth 🙂

  5. I'm patiently waiting for the t shirt Maxi of course if you decide to make a variation such as this one I will definitely buy, its so hard to find maxi patterns. right now. P.s. following for some time love your work!

  6. Love the look Mimi! I stumbled on your blog last week and I love it. Recently, I have been in a fashion rut and you have inspired me to jazz it up! Thank you for taking time out of your day to blog and letting us know where you purchased an item or something similar.

  7. Love the "what would Mimi do" idea. I definitely find myself referencing to outfits you've put together to be inspired on how to wear certain pieces in my own life, so a direct shot at that would be awesome.

  8. For the seamsters: The Mission Maxi pattern with the train option would re-create this look beautifully. It's an easy pattern for beginners, but it's shaped on the sides with a deep neckline (it is not one of those long, boxy, incredibly unsexy things the other pattern companies keep churning out). I'd love to see a post on the new site about garment care for things you sew. I'm sure you have some tips Mimi on keeping your garments beautiful. I know that sounds boring, but when you take the time to sew something beautiful you want it to last!

  9. i love to see simple makeovers. Or dress for your shape advice, showing how to create a waist if you have a boyish shape or dressing for curves or height.

  10. I 💗 that dress Mimi you have GREAT taste. I am moving into my new home soon and I would love for beginning tips such as what kind of sewing machine to buy, tools needed, etc for my office/sewing/jewelry making room lol. . I would also like some of your health tips. I love your ideas and think your blog is already amazing xoxo

  11. I would love to hear about how "you" do things, like inserting a zip, hems, dealing with a particular fabric etc. Just general tips, if you have the time lol. Could just be a couple of images and what you did for example.

  12. I'm loving the new header! The whole website idea is very good. I like how authentic your blog is, so I hope your website will keep the same charm. I like the what would Mimi do idea as well. I'd love see the sew alongs and more tutorials please!!!! I'm waiting for the shirt tutorial you posted on July 3 and the t shirt maxi( although I've made several t shirt maxis) and how you finished the neckline. Love you, Mimi and keep inspiring!

  13. Love this dress! I'm excited about another resource from you. I definitely would love to see eating/exercise tips and also love the sew-a-long idea. Of course anything you end up with I will read it as I try to check your blog out at LEAST once a day. 🙂

  14. Here's my two cents. I love the following ideas that were already stated health and fitness,the sew a long, and ideas on organization of the sewing space. But here's the few I thought of: what type of sewing machine would you recommend to a newbie and what should a newbie's first sewing project be? I guess what I'm saying is something for beginners, intermediate and expert. What method do use with regards to purging your closets? Fit, style or I haven't worn it in a year time to let it go. Last thing how to repair favorite garments that may have a hole or had an accident with an iron that was too hot :(…That's all I have for now…

  15. Your nail polish always looks like it was professionally done. Could you do a tutorial on how you apply the polish, remove it, and how often you switch? LOVE this blog!

  16. I would love to see style ideas for different body types. I'm very tall for Forever 21 jeans look like capris on me. For example if you did a look of the day and said my jeans are Forever 21, for a taller person try ::insert store name here:: for a curvier woman try ::insert name here::. Only every once in awhile of course as I know this would be a lot of work. I'm so excited for the expansion of this site. THANK YOU!!!!

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