Vintage Midi Skirt + Latest Purchases + Nails…

Oh my! this is going to be a post about a bunch of things, lol. 
First the video below is a catch up of things I haven’t updated you guys on and a few other things; then of course I have what I wore to show you, I am going to cover a Q&A on my nails and what I use. The links to my UO purchases are below.

UO Surplus Jacket $79.99 HERE / Green Cut Out Dress $69.99 HERE / Tangerine Dress HERE
I can’t find the racer back shirt ;-(


Back Story

I picked up a vintage midi skirt when I was in San Fran at this really great vintage shop “VerUnica”  and I love it!

The shop was small and charming and the girls were very welcoming. I know I will wear this skirt a lot because it is so comfy and easy to wear with anything.

Get The Look….

Vintage Midi Denim Skirt (similar) HERE / Leopard Scarf HERE / Gap Striped Tank (similar) HERE


My Nails

I get asked often about my nails so here is a little Q&A of the most frequently asked questions.

Q.  Are your nails real or acrylic?
A. My nails are real

Q. Do you have them done every week or do them yourselves?
A. I do my nails myself every sunday evening.

Q. How do you paint your nails because they always look so good.
A. I paint them just like anyone else I guess except I paint every nail except the thumbs in case I need to clean as I am going. After I have finished painting them I paint my thumbs.

Q. What is your favorite nail product
A. My most favorite polish is my Seche Vite “High Gloss” Polish I swear by it and it gives my nail that high gloss shine that you get at the salon. It also dries your names so fast!!

This is magic in a bottle.

mimi g.

24 thoughts on “Vintage Midi Skirt + Latest Purchases + Nails…

  1. Awwwww get some rest! After a break down you need to just clear your mind. I know this all to well… I'm getting married in 18 days an I'm sad because my mom, dad, and sister have all passed away within the last 5 years an I won't be able to share my joyous occasion with them. I pray an relax after my lil tearful breaks… It helps a lot 🙂

  2. Mimi, I don't think I've ever left a comment on your blog, but I have to just to say Yay! for you on your quitting the smokes! I am really happy for you, I know how hard it is to quit. Retail therapy well deserved.

  3. Congratulations on successfully not smoking. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing all of your cute fashion finds. I hope you have a nice & restful evening.

  4. This outfit is causal, but very chic. The scarf and accessories add a special something to this look. Love your nails too. those lilac/purple hues are gorgeous.

  5. LOOVEEE that midi. It is haute. You know vintage fashion is my thing. It looks lovely on you too. Wishing you a boost in spirit. I so know the feeling. Take care of mama first. xoxo

  6. Hey Mimi, I hope you're feeling better today. I can imagine how overwhelmed you feel. Hang in there. Retail therapy always works 😉 Congrats on the not smoking!

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