Keeping It Simple w/ My Floral Dress

Hi Darlings! I get a ton of emails asking about styling and advice etc. and I plan to cover a bit more of this in a video  soon but for today one that comes up a lot is how I make my casual clothes look glam? now although I guess I never really thought about it I suppose there are rules that I have for myself.
1. If I am wearing a casual outfit I always add more accessories and am not afraid to add sparkle in my jewelry, no one said you cant wear a blinged out necklace with jeans and a t-shirt.
2. If I want my outfit to be the center of attention (like today) I keep my jewelry really simple because I want my dress to be the focal point.
3. I will put on several pieces of jewelry on and then look at myself while I take it off and switch up until I feel I have a good mix.

Get The Look….

I picked up this Floral Strapless Dress from Liv Boutique  item# DR915341A $56.00 (I think they take phone orders and will ship) during my trip to San Fran last month. My pumps are old, like 4 years old at least and this is the first time I have worn them, LOL and unfortunately I do not remember where I got them, sorry.  My sunnies are from Kate Spade (old) but there are similar ones HERE

mimi g.

30 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple w/ My Floral Dress

  1. this dress looks like a twist on the DIY maxi dress that you have posted. I love your style and I do the same with my shoes. One day you buy an outfit that coordinates with them perfectly. Even if it is months and years down the line! lol

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