My New Toy *Sigh*

I have put off buying a camera for a while, can you believe all these years I just used a little point and click, LOL! The reason I had put off buying a new camera is because I am obsessive about things and I knew that the minute I bought one I would start buying lenses and taking classes and and and…LOL
Okay okay, I already bought some lenses….sigh…..and I enrolled in a photog class….I told you so!!!
mimi g.

32 thoughts on “My New Toy *Sigh*

  1. You are going to have so much fun. Hubby bought me the D3000 two xmas' ago along with photog classes…'s been soooo fun. I'm torn between what lense I want to buy next…torn between a telephoto, macro or ……. Still researching. Have lots of fun with your new toy.

  2. A few weeks ago I've been craving for a toy like yours…I wanted to wait until black Friday but my urge is getting stronger and stronger!!!! What's a girl to do?!? O_o lol

  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see what you capture! I can totally relate to the All or Nothing way of doing things. I call it being a Scorpio :0)PS. I have been following you for a while (like years) and never comment. But I ❤ you like a play cousin. You inspire me on SO many levels. Keep up the PHENOMENAL work!!!

  4. Congrats on your new toy! You'll really love this for your blogging photos… I love mine! My favorite lens is my 50mm. We always shoot RAW (instead of JPEG) images in aperature and I process them in Adobe Lightroom. You can find all kinds of free presets around the web!Have fun!

  5. Ohh-la-la! I've been putting off buying one of these dslr cameras for well over a year. I am already obsessive about scrapboking, gardening and baking/cooking so I know what you mean : ) I started researching photography in general so that whenever I do get a nicer camera, I'll be well versed on all its features.I can't believe you've been shooting all of your other photos w/a point and click camera – those pics look great.

  6. i got the same as urs and it came with a free course and i have not got the time to go for classes and its hard for me to use it….enjoy it

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