Fun In The Sun

Hi Darlings! Why is is that going to the beach is so exhausting and you completely pass out after a day at the ocean? LOL! 
I had a great day and wanted to share a few pics but before you ask, NO I did not take my new Nikon because I didn’t want sand to get on it, BWHAHHAHAHA; The hubby says I bought a camera that I won’t use because I don’t want anything to happen to her……now I am calling her a her….sigh!

mimi g.

17 thoughts on “Fun In The Sun

  1. It looks like you had a lovely time with your family! I just love the summer time for that reason. I just discovered your blog and you are amazing! I wish I had sewing skills like you. Maybe next summer, when I am off, I will take a sewing class.

  2. How tall are you? You look short in these pics compared to when your posing with your amazing styling…which is a great compliment because if you are short your styling definitely elongates your figure! Even something tall people try to achieve. He he!

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