First Pics With My New Toy

I was home alone today and it was so quiet, I love those days but they are few and far in between.  Since I had extra time on my hands and have been so scared to even touch my new Nikon D5100 camera until I take my class on Wednesday (I cant wait!!!)  I decided to just take a few shots on auto settings and see what I got so I took pics my stuff in my bedroom.. 
This is my bed 😉 I put the shoes on top to add another print, LOL (it’s the stylist in me)

Some of my bags…
another angle
 This was taken in very little light because my closet light was off, I wanted to see how an image looked in low light on auto settings.
 This is petunia, she holds my scarves, lol
 Some of my babies 😉 they sit on a bookcase in my room so I always makes sure to put my most colorful shoes on the bookshelf so it looks pretty and almost like art when you walk into my room.
 Some of my bangles and earring drawers
 more bangles, rings and stuff
 one wall in my closet 
 I LOVE my new camera and I cant wait to learn it!!
mimi g.


40 thoughts on “First Pics With My New Toy

  1. Those images are so bright and rich with colour. Love it when you have a new camera, I love trying all the dfferent features and comparing with a regular pic and thinking ah so that is what it means, I see now lol.

  2. Great idea putting bangles into a bowl, I have mine on a kitchen roll holder but it means I never wear the ones at the bottom lol! And I could stare at those pics of your shoes ALL DAY, just gorgeous! :-)Vanessa x

  3. Cool pics. Def planning to organize like this in the near future. I have too much stuff and I can't see any of it! It makes getting dressed a challenge some days. I feel inspired and motivated. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Hi Mimi,Love how neat and organize everything is. You are keeping me motivated to organize my rooms. A hard task to tackle, but so rewarding at the end. Because then I will be able to find things and know what I need and don't need.The pics are amazing….looking forward to seeing more pics from your new camera.

  5. I was going to ask that same question, thanks for sharing. I follow a lot of blogs and yours by far is my favorite. You have impeccable style and know how to put it all together. You bring pieces together that I would never think to bring together and they look good. You have just heightened my affinity for fashion even more!

  6. great shots and from what I see your organiztion with your things are great…One day I will have a walk and closet and hope it is half of what you have…love your blog!

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