Lady Like Dress + Nude Heeled Sandals

Happy Monday! 
I had such a great weekend and I hope you did too! aside from the beach and the shopping (new camera) I also had time to just sit and relax. I was hoping to get some sewing done on Sunday but I made the terrible mistake of choosing to clean my closet “really fast” which always turns into me getting completely obsessive with organizing every. single. thing and pulling everything out of the drawers and creating a GIGANTIC mess and then cleaning it all up, needless to say that took up ALL day but my closet and bedroom are super clean and in order right now as you see by the pics I posted yesterday 😉 
Onto what I am wearing, I got this new pic frame software and have been playing with it, do you like the new pic layouts below vs the other style? I also had an idea of doing a short video “Getting dressed w/ Mimi G.” I would basically film myself getting ready in the morning and talk about how I select my outfit, accessories etc. whatcha think?
 Forever 21 Dress (old) these are cute HERE and HERE / Audrey Brook Heels HERE /  Forever 21
Gold/Wood Bangle (old) love this stack HERE  Nail Polish is Sally Hansen “Gray on Gray” / Necklace + Green Ring were gifted.
Old Layout…better?

mimi g.


41 thoughts on “Lady Like Dress + Nude Heeled Sandals

  1. Yeah I think I like the old one better too but this other software has more options for adding text etc, ugh Ill see what the majority says. Thanks for the input doll!

  2. The new layout is more "artistic" and I do like that but girl these eyes are old, I need the big pictures. I often wonder about how you choose which accesories when you have so many fabulous ones so a "getting dressed with Mimi" segment would be fab. I know it's hot down there because it's 100 degrees up here so that is a perfect dress for the weather.

  3. I love the outfit and I have on the same nail polish as you so I feel a little bit successful ;PI like the old layout better (I hate change LOL!!!!) I look at the individual pictures more closely on the old one.

  4. Mimi, since I've started reading your blog i've learned so much, but i think that would be a fabulous idea, to show us in a video on how you choose your outfits every day!!! I've gotten better just because of you, but it would be nice to know how you choose, so please share!!!! : )

  5. Hey Mimi, Im Choco…. I've posted before but not as often as others in response to your inquiry about morning videos and how you get dressed and choose what to wear in my personal opinion I think it would be overboard, simply because the majority of your blog is focused on you – which makes sense I get that but you are also giving us trends and fashion correct? With that being said I would suggest you add a little more diversity to your blog – that doesn't pertain to your closet and shopping sprees only. You can dismiss this comment but it's just my feedback is all. Will still come back to visit and see what's new in your closet.

  6. Hi Choco, Thank you for the feedback and you make a good point 😉 I would never dismiss a comment because it differs from my opinion, lol I appreciate the info and thoughts because it is the only way people grow.xoxo

  7. "The majority of YOUR blog is focused on you." Ummm well Duh! , like you said it's her blog. It is called Mimi G. style. I love your blog. I love your style. I for one would love to see videos on how you decide what to wear and how you accessorize. You give us trends and fashion in your own unique way.

  8. Love the fabric of that dress so soft and romantic. With regard to the video, I would just do it since some have expressed an interest. Unfortunately we can't please everyone all of the time.

  9. LOL, its cool Sassy you cant please everyone, which is why I don't try. xoxobesides, my blog is about sewing/fashion and whatever else I want to throw in the mix, LOL I don't worry about showing trends/fashion and being diverse. I do me that is all 😉

  10. What gives with people trying to tell you what the purpose of your blog should be and that there is too much YOU in your blog? You know what it is, you've seen it before, you'll see it again. No matter. You know I got you boo. LOL

  11. Hey Mimi – I personally love seeing your style – it gives me inspiration and ideas to look at dressing in a new way. It's also been helping me look at things in a store in a different way. The other day I brought a really cute polka dot blouse (very flowy) that I NEVER would have looked at before. I got lots of compliments on that one! I don't think it matters what format you choose to use (not to me anyway) ~ I really appreciate the content. The way you present it is still part of your uniqueness. I'll come back every day regardless 🙂

  12. Oh the other thing I was wondering – I really love that dress your wearing ~ what material would you use to make it? Do you think it would be a simple dress to make?

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE your blog and I also prefer the old layout. It's easier to see all the shots at once. . OAN in reference to the comment on your diversity, YOUR blog is called mimigstyle because it is Mimi G 's Style. YOU are an inspiration.

  14. Hi Mimi,Thanks for your understanding I had a strong intuition that you are an adult and and wouldn't get irritated by my response…IMO feedback is essential in life period. Loving this DIY segment – I bet those are sharpie markers on the missoni inspired sneakers – I love it and will give it a try.Keep INSPIRING – Choco

  15. my name is Kat,Mimi your blog is the only one that has influenced me to start one of my ? Which is easier old or pic frame? (name of software?)i like for this blog journey to be easy not so complicated so I can enjoy journaling !

  16. I like em both….they both look cool…if you wanted to add about how you choose your outfits and other things that may help a lot of folks!…a lot of ladies have a time trying to figure out what to wear and what goes with what so hook em up!….im with ya no matter what you do!….:)

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