Mimi G.’s Fall 2012 PIcks

Happy Wednesday! I know that its hard to think about Fall/Winter when it is so hot outside but planning is key. Here are some of the things I must include in my Fall 2012 wardrobe.

My Falls Picks

1. Texture/Prints mixing textures adds depth to your looks  and I will be adding a lot of texture this fall. My essentials on the first look include a leather jacket preferably tailored and with a strong shoulder, some chunky sweaters and stripes with bold printed pants in jewel tones. A suede pump is a must for me! and another great way of adding texture; In Cali I can wear open toe shoes year round which is a bonus. Don’t be afraid to mix prints or include stripes and have fun combining different textures.

Fall Picks
2. Texture/Drape I may buy it or make it but either way I must have a textured draped coat, this essential item can be worn with jeans, slacks, pencil skirts, dresses and can be worn with flats for a casual look or with heels; I must and will have a draped coat this Fall. The other essential item for me is a great pair of flared jeans and you know I love my animal prints and will continue that trend in my accessories and in a great pair of pointed toe pumps this Fall. 

Fall Picks 2

3. Prints/Leather I am loving all the printed sweaters and coats coming this fall but I have fallen in love with the bat wing shape in outerwear. I love the wood toggle buttons and the multi striped pattern in the sweater below and will be looking for something similar to this so I can pair it with a sexy Leather skirt which is the other trend I plan to add to my Fall wardrobe. Leather skirts are sexy and always on trend in some form or fashion. Leather and Chunky print knits are a definite for me!

Fall Picks 3

4. Jeweled Tones/Classic Boot I love a great cape and this Fall I plan to add a few capes along with a classic riding boot. I am really into the jewel tones this fall so that will be a must in my tops and capes/ponchos. A classic riding boot is something every woman should have and I think its time for a new pair 😉
Fall Pick 4

5. Winter White Blazer/ Color I love a great blazer and I will admit that my closet is filled with them. A good clean line blazer is essential for me but what is most important to me is making sure I have some great winter white. I am also a lover of color  and I love brightly hued slacks! I plan to brighten my days by carrying color over into fall. I never understood why people shy away from color during the fall/winter, don’t be afraid to wear color  year round, it is a great way to make those cold dreary days bright and lovely.

Fall Pick 5

mimi g.


36 thoughts on “Mimi G.’s Fall 2012 PIcks

  1. Hi Mimi,Love your picks, especially those flower pants. As well as the yellow pants, with white blazer and green shoes, this is me all the way. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. I am an offender of shying away from "bright" color in the Fall/Winter. I loved the pick with the yellow pants and green pumps. As usual, great style picks!

  3. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Any one can put on clothing and most allow clothing to wear them but not everyone can make the clothes…your fall picks are right on. You can never go wrong with a classic look with a twist. You have a great eye!

  4. I've got my eye on a gorgeous pair of pointy toe zebra print pumps! I just may go ahead and get them. I also live capes and they are already beginning to appear in stores now!!! I got a little giddy seeing the Fall gear in stores lol.

  5. Just to say that I really enjoy your blog. Bit jealous of the sunny weather you always have, though!! (I'm from the UK, so I don't even need to mention our awful weather….)Thanks for taking the time to share.

  6. Hi Mimi!!! I just subscribed… I have been surfing your page for a little while and when I saw your fall picks I just HAD to subscribe. 8-D. Can't wait to order some tutorials too!!

  7. Hi Mimi, have been subscribing for a while now and am so imspired by the looks you put together it has made me completely re-evaluate my wardrobe! Love your picks for winter – loving the drape coat and cape – have my eye on a few that I may make ready for the cold weather which over here in UK is a given!!Claire x

  8. Love all of your picks …side note – you have been my inspiration to get my old sewing machine out, and start taking classes or practicing. Im 6 feet tall, and have the hardest time finding items, I cannot believe that I have not started sewing sooner!!

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