Mixed Prints Look: Flowers + Dots

Happy Thursday Darlings! Last night was so much fun, the hubby and attended a celebrity charity event and had a chance to catch up with old friends too, Ill be sharing more on that tomorrow. Today I am going to share my tips for mixing prints.

Mimi G.’s Tips for Mixing Prints

1. Your prints should have at least one repeating color but there are exceptions to the rule because there are no rules, just guidelines. I worry less about a particular color and instead about the undertones. I mix animal prints with florals often without there being a repeating color in both prints but it works if one print has only only 2 neutral colors and the other print carries the most color. Example: Leopard + Florals work really well!

2. Blending Smaller prints with larger prints is always a great way to mix it up, try to avoid using two prints with the same scale pattern unless the colors and prints are similar, meaning a top and bottom with the same print in a different color-way (with one color in both print repeats) then you can get away with mixing same scale prints; remember that the point of mixing prints/patterns is to create interest and depth.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix wide stripes with narrow stripes or large dots with small dots, the same /print pattern works great in different scales and you don’t have to keep your mixing to only two prints, be creative and don’t get stuck trying to follow the old rules of fashion, they no longer exists.

H&M Polka Dot Skirt (similar) HERE / Forever 21 Water Color Floral Tank HERE / Wild Pair Platforms HERE and on SALE / ASOS Sunnies HERE
 Example: My skirt is grey with white polka dots but there is no grey in my floral tank however, there are grey undertones in my tank so the big flowers with the small polka dots work because its a big/small pattern mix and the grey works because there are grey undertones in some of the flowers and leaves in my top, make sense?

mimi g.


22 thoughts on “Mixed Prints Look: Flowers + Dots

  1. Love this outfit! I'm trying to inch my way into mixing prints and patterns. Thanks for the tips. I have a style advice question…what kind of dress can I wear to a Fall wedding?

  2. avoid anything strapless and just wear something with a little bit of coverage so you’re not dragging a wrap/sweater around all night. I personally would wear a tailored pants suit with some sparkly jewelry. Jewel tones are great for fall!

  3. Will this trend ever retire!?! I think not! I love mixing prints…its very challenging, do you agree? Well I think it is and that's why it will never go out of style. This look is so dope Mimi!

  4. Sweetie, I link everything if I can find it. The post says the skirt is from H&M but if there is no link then I cant find it. Also, H&M does not have online shopping in the US

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