Classics Never Go Out of Style

Well Darlings! it has been a long week and I am calling it a day on all social media networks but I wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive of my me and my blog, It is a full time job to say the least and I’m grateful to have such great followers. I want to give an especially big XOXO to the frequent commenter’s, It’s nice to know someone is out there,…… I love my silent followers too!! you are my stealth supporters, coming out of dark corners when I need you, LOL!
So…I leave to you today with a look I plan to wear next week, it’s classic and always fabulous! I hope you all have a great weekend and please be safe and kind to each other.


mimi g.


14 thoughts on “Classics Never Go Out of Style

  1. Hi Mimi! Just one of your "silent followers" coming out from the shadows. LOL! I'm here every day checking you out and loving every look. Love the classics and can't wait to see you rock it. Until then……*dueces*

  2. I too check your blog daily! Every morning I'm challenged with my "I have nothing to wear" dilemma, lol, but your blog inspires me to mix colors, have bold pieces, and still maintain that grown n sexy look.

  3. Great look, you can't go wrong with that classic combination! I'm a new follower Mimi and love getting your updates, one of my favourites on Bloglovin right now by far :-)Vanessa x

  4. I love this look and everything else you post!! I am one of those "silent followers" lol I've been following you for a few months now, and I absolutely love everything you're about! You're always so positive, full of energy, life and of course fashion!! Thanks for all you do!!! šŸ™‚

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