Variety Celebrity Poker Night + BCBG Dress

Hi Darlings! I am so glad that is finally Friday, I am looking forward to resting a bit this weekend before the madness begins again on Monday. 
I wanted to share an event the hubby and I attended this week; The Variety Children’s Charity invited us again this year to participate in their 2nd Annual Celebrity Poker Night which we were delighted to attend. The amazing people who work day in and day out to improving the lives of children in local communities all around the world.  We had a fantastic time and were able to catch up with good friends. Please take a moment to visit their facebook page and show support by liking the page. I’ll show more pics of what I wore this night on FB but here is a quick shot and some pics of the night.
 BCBC Dress Dell Zippered Dress (old) worn before here + Nude Platform Pumps

End of Night…

mimi g.

37 thoughts on “Variety Celebrity Poker Night + BCBG Dress

  1. I came across your page while looking for a picture to send my friends of the dress I just bought. Here you are sporting it again with a totally different look and now with a blazer. Love it!! Now I really cant wait to rock mine.

  2. Hi Mimi,Love this dress! Is your blazer for F21? Just saw a teal one similar to this one. Randi Lynn…you are definitely right! Mimi your clothes fit you like a glove. Very inspiring to work out and eat healthy.

  3. You know I think what you do on your blog could be good, since your content really is pretty good. The challenge I have is that it seems as if you copy other bloggers ideas. I would like to see your blog have original ideas, your ideas. Don't copy other bloggers, especially bloggers that started blogging after you. MimiG: A blogger that copies other bloggers.

  4. LOL!I find it funny how brave people are BEHIND their computer and "ANONYMOUS" labels. I work a full time job, have a FULL family and spend the extra time I do have on my blog. I don't get paid to share my work or my knowledge and I don't have time to worry or be bothered by silly shit like this so I damn sure don't have time to see what people are doing and copy, smdhThis is always a sign of people being insecure with themselves, because baby girl there is NOTHING that has not been done already so please go spend your time telling EVERY designer on earth or every other blogger who uses the same format, labels, pics, commission links etc to stop copying what was once done already. My blog fans who have taken things I do on MY blog and use it on THEIR blogs are free to do so because I DONT CARE and I am NOT worried about weather or not someone copies something I do, Im secure with my blog and work otherwise I wouldn't be so quick to share what I do. Ive been blogging since 2006 so actually these people who I seem to be "copying" are actually copying me if that is the case. BTW, I wouldn't delete your comment, Im not afraid of your opinion doll, only weak people are afraid and weak I am not. I hope you find something more productive to do with your time then worry about what I am doing with mine ;-)xoxo to you!

  5. Just a hater….keep doing your thing Mimi. If anything, alot of the other blogs seem repetitive and your blog has a good mix of DIY, artistry, and most of all CLASSY and tasteful fashion…..some bloggers look cheap, and you my dear are far from that. So thank you for taking some time from your busy schedule to share with the rest of us your beauty and taste!

  6. TouchΓ© Mrs Miranda! Mimi your blog is fantastic, just the right mix of fashion and DIY, and most of all it is very much YOU. And you always look fabulous :-)Most of us live life in a positive way and love & encourage each other, it's a shame there are people in this world who do otherwise…I feel sorry for them.Looking forward to your next post doll, no matter how "original" it may be LOL! ;-)Vanessa x

  7. Lol…I knew it! Now, when I shop…I'm like what would Mimi G wear (my friend in my head) and that blazer caught my eye. I had to get it!!!

  8. The thing I love most about this blog is that it is refreshing and its DIFFERENT. I don't get how this anonymous idiot thinks you copy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog and come and check in here daily. Mimi you inspire me: I'm a 35 year old mom of 4 the eldest of which is 16. I LOVE fashion, fitness and just being fabulous just like you. That is why I love your blog soooo much! Keep up the good work honey!

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