Keeping it Simple + Changing The Way We See Ourselves

Happy Thursday Darlings!! Today is one of those days where I am feeling bloated and indecisive and I swear NOTHING is fitting right so when all else fails I throw on black skinnies and a cozy and comforting cardigan to hide my fat…..Before you start yelling at me…Yes, I am aware that many of you are giving me the *Side Eye* and *Hard Stare* right now and the way I feel is just in my head and probably only due to the fact that mother nature is arriving soon but every woman at one point or another has a day where they feel fat no matter what size they are and the internal negative talk begins, which brings me to a question:

Why do you we do that!? 

Well I am a firm believer that we can change the way we see ourselves by changing the way we think of ourselves, its true. Do something for me today; when you are in front of a mirror in your jammies and make up free look at yourself for a few seconds and think to yourself that you look frumpy; Then turn around close your eyes and think to yourself how sexy you are and really feel it “I am sexy” turn around and with your “sexy thinking” eyes look at yourself again. 

The way you “think” of yourself is the message the brain sends to your eyes and therefore the way you see yourself in that mirror; I know I got all Dr. Phil on you, but that’s what I do when I know I am being judgemental of myself (like today) in the mirror, I stop the internal negative talk, turn around, change my thoughts and look at myself again, it works for me, and afterwards I was feeling pretty good about myself. Cant you tell by the pic below…BWHAHAHAHA
 I love the print on my Urban Outfitters Cami HERE and on sale / Urban Outfitters Cardi (old) similar HERE / Forever 21 Ponte Knit Skinny Pant HERE / Kate Spade Poppy Red Bag / Steve Madden Sandals (similar) HERE / Nail Polish is Zoya “DEA”

mimi g.

38 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple + Changing The Way We See Ourselves

  1. I fully understand what you mean. The idea that I was gaining weight was not an idea in my brain, so my eyes did not see it. Once I felt myself struggling to put on a pair of jeans that fit even when I was 9 months pregnant, my brain got the idea and my eyes saw the truth. You have helped me tremendously. Although I don't sew or have your fashion budget, you have shown me how to take simple things and JAZZ them up. Thanks Mimi!

  2. You're so right! People never seem to understand that regardless of what they see when they look at you if you don't see it in yourself it means nothing. Love the words of wisdom Mimi, I'm gonna try it next time I look in the mirror and see BLAH LoL.

  3. Exactly Ty, when i say ugh! I feel fat today people look at me crazy, LOL but they dont understand how hard we are on ourselves, for no reason

  4. As usual Mimi, you're looking fierce, but I completely understand the "feeling fat" thing (especially when others don't see you that way). I like this idea, I'll have to try it out when lady time rolls around for me! Here's a big (((hug))) too…

  5. Cute simple look. And you are right, every woman has those moments. As long as you bounce back and get back in love with you and your look, it's all good.

  6. Mimi thanks for the pep talk. I am mentally and physically tired right now, and don't have much energy for anything. The ups and downs of life has taken over, but I refuse to give in. I didn't put on any makeup today, so after reading your post, I went into the bathroom and spruced up a little. Feeling all better now. Again, thanks.

  7. Miss Mimi! I do have these days every month myself and the way I see it is that God takes us through ups and downs in every area of our lives – with no downs, how would any of us know what the ups are? I thank Him for all of them and I agree with you on the signals that we send our brains – FOR NO REASON. You look just as beautiful today as you did yesterday with that fabulous polka dot top on – (no homo). I actually felt that way today and people keep asking me if I have a stomach but i do believe i have more of a reason to feel like that on some days than you do. šŸ™‚ YOU LOOK GREAT!!!PS, I made another DIY last night using the strapless floral print ruffle tut, but without the elastic band at the waist. i used white with blue polka dot fabric and did NOT send a pic for above said reason. LOL

  8. I will exchange your "fat day" for my skinniest of days anytime! LOL!!! You look fab, and I agree with you that we can change the way we feel by the way we think. It is so true. Also, I believe that we have the power within ourselves to change whatever it is that we don't like. Great blog, Mimi.

  9. You look great. You've inspired me to wear colours and prints(something I never used to do). I always admire how vibrant you look when you dress. This post was great because we all have those days, but you're right, it's all about how we see ourselves.

  10. Ask and ye shall receive…think it and the universe delivers! I know this all to well but im always surprised when what I've been wanting comes across my path! I have been looking for a site to help me style myself better for months…and here you are. I appreciate the details and links. Thank you so much for sharing Mimi, I love your style. ~ Sonya

  11. Mimi…You had to be reading my mind… I'm pms'ing and feeling very unpretty…I had to pick my hubby up from work and I wish I had read this before I went, because I would've thrown something on and dressed up a little.. that's ok. Im going to keep this entry in mind and when I feel frumpy I will read this and press my reset button and get myself together… Thanks for the Dr. Phil moment…

  12. Hey Mimi!! Sorry to be all in your business (I'm still going to ask though LOL…don't kill me) but what brand/kind of undergarments do you wear? I've been looking and trying out seamless undies forever and everything still shows those hideous panty lines. Advice?

  13. LOL, hilarious! I wear mid thigh spanks when I am wearing something that is form fitting and lace thongs from Gap Body because they never show lines šŸ˜‰

  14. It's true we all have those days, but positive thinking is definitely the way forward :-)Loving the print on that top too, pairing it with an orange handbag really makes it 'pop'!

  15. Such a refreshing, reassuring post. How you exude your confidence will determine your fashion statement…there will be days where you can hear all the affirmations coming from every direction,but it does us no good unless WE women hear it from ourselves!Thx 4 keepin it real;))

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