My Favorite Fabric Source

Hi Dolls! I get asked often about where I shop for fabric and although I do a lot of my fabric locally here in Los Angeles I do buy online a lot so today I am going to share one of my favorites with you.
Meet Juan Carlos, he is a very nice man I met a few years back along with his lovely wife when I was sourcing fabric for  my Spring 2010 Collection and we have remained friendly ever since. They work really hard to provide great fabrics and to take care of their family and so I like to link his website whenever I get the chance. Juan Carlos has the best knit jersey, modal knits, bamboo knits, prints, woven textiles and silks at AMAZING PRICES and he has great customer service too. 
Make sure you tell him his friend Mimi sent you 😉  to High End Fabrics

amazing and only $5.99 a yard
 I love anything kelly green $6.25

$7.99 a yard, I love these red and navy stripes!

mimi g.

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Fabric Source

  1. Hi Mimi,I just wanted to write this little note to thank you for all the useful information you provide. I am looking for some fabric to coordinate with my yarn stash that is for the moment more colorful than the clothes I'm currently wearing. You are a source of inspiration as well and just because I have 46" hips doesn't mean that I can't be find a style for me that's colorful and fun.

  2. I ordered a wonderful zebra print from here a few months back based on your recommendation. It came SO fast, and was perfectly cut and the quality of the fabric was amazing. Thanks!!

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