Styled by Mommy + Learning my Nikon

 Happy Saturday Darlings! I have been taking every spare moment to play and learn my Nikon d5100 and whatever kid is near me becomes my subject, fortunately for me my son is usually glued to my hip and he just so happens to be a ham, but before we got started of course he had to be styled by mommy. Have you ever seen parents who are all dressed up and their kids look messy? I never got that! My babies are a reflection of me right? besides it fun to play dress up with the lil ones, they have baby swag too.

 Get The Look

Zara Boys Jersey Blazer (similar) HERE / Target Graphic Tee (this one is cute) HERE / Zara Skinny Boy Jeans HERE / Plaid Cap (similar) HERE

I love that he has his toy car in his hand

“Yes mother, can I help you” look
“oh mommy you are funny” LOL

Let me reflect…

Hey Ma’
Im too cool for school.


66 thoughts on “Styled by Mommy + Learning my Nikon

  1. With all the stories about child abuse by nannies and caretakers that one has been hearing about off late, I couldn't help but install a nanny cam to make sure my kids are safe. I tried GotoCamera's free software, which is easy to set up and even easier to use. They have a free version of their software. However, I upgraded to their Premium service, which costs about $4 a month.

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