Hi Darlings, It is Monday and whatever I had been trying to fight off has caught up to me, this is what happens when you have small children, you get sick when they get sick so I am working from home today and there will be no fancy look for the day ;-( I am in my pajamas about to take more Advil. I will however share how I spent my weekend making not one but TWO #failed sewing projects….yep I still have failed projects. 
The first one was a blouse that I didn’t bother to measure  the pattern before cutting because I was being lazy and sure enough it was too small and not worth the effort of fixing so off to the trash it went. Then I decided I was going to make some pants because I hadn’t made any since these green ones but after I was done I realized that I hated the fabric and off to the trash they went and off to bed I went with nothing to show for a full day of sewing *sigh*
Sunday was a new day and full of errands to run before the fam got home from church because like all mothers/wives/women I had to pick up groceries, clean the house, fold the laundry, prepare dinner, serve dinner, do my nails, pick out my outfit for today and set the alarm for 6am so I can get up and do my Insanity work out this morning…. the last two….DID. NOT. HAPPEN but damn I am tired just writing it! I did however manage to squeeze in some time at the mall yesterday after having to return a pair of pants for one of the kids and picked up some great stuff at the GAP and I also stopped at Ross and scored the shoes I was going to wear today for $16.99 yay me! Hopefully you will see those shoes tomorrow.

hope you have a better day than I am having…off to bed I go again…

mimi g.


28 thoughts on “Monday…BLAH

  1. Wow Mimi, even being sick, you still manage to check in with us. Thank you! I hope you feel better soon. My sickness caught up with me last week and I'm recovering this week. Can't wait to see these shoes you scored for $16.99 🙂

  2. I hope you and the fam feel better soon. Have u ever thought of selling your failed projects? I'm sure someone would be happy to take it off your hands and it won't be a total waste.*BWEnaj*

  3. I feel you. I'm having one of those days too. But I have to get dressed later this evening. And I also have an "EPIC" fail project I may blog about. It completely zapped me of my mojo.

  4. ….and that makes two of us! Been sick for like a week and just started a round of antibiotics. Nasty sinus infection. Take it easy, drink your OJ, and take care of you! Hope you feel better soon….

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