Hi Darlings! so I am posting again to share a link to my fabulous 14 year old daughters new blog, she has decided that she wants to blog like mom *insert cuteness here* so please show her some support by visiting and leaving a comment  at Love, Lexi G.
Go…. tell her mom sent you, lol
mimi g.

17 thoughts on “Introducing…..

  1. I'll be sure to head over and check it out. I have a sister that's 14 and a sister that's 16 I'm sure they'd love it as well. I'll pass the link on to them so they can check it out.

  2. Hey Mimi, I just stopped by Lexi's page to welcome her to our world of blogging. As I began to tell her what an inspiration you were to me, I realized I never told you how much you inspired me. Well Mimi, this thing they call fashion and sewing and styling, it's in my blood. I was truly born to do this. In whatever form God calls for, I know it is what I was meant to do. Only because there are times when I hate the thought of thread and needles and rulers and chalk etc, but I can't leave it alone. lol When I found your blog a couple years ago, I began to ask myself the same questions others would ask and that's, "why don't you make your own clothes?" You made it look so fun and your blog reflected how rewarding it was to enter a store and say, “for how much? I can make this myself” is a beautiful blessing. You opened my eyes to the revelation of "use it or lose it". I stopped chasing my corporate "America" dream and began to chase my dream of living and breathing the molding of fabrics and threads. I may have written this a little metaphorically but the point is the existence of your blog a stitch in pulling me back to my center of fashion design. For that I am forever grateful. = )Joy

  3. Thank you so much for that ^_^ it makes me so happy to read comments and mail like yours and Im flattered that I could have had any impact on your life no matter how big or small.xoxo

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