My Kid’s a Fish, I love Tacos + That’s a big Pizza!

Hi Dolls! I know I didn’t post today and I’m sorry but honestly I have been pretty busy with the kids homeschooling and my boss is out of the country which means I work during his days which unfortunately are my nights, middle of the night to be exact, when he starts his day at 9am it is midnight here LOL but that’s ok, I’ll adjust after a few days. 
Today is a day of random posts so I am going to first show you this video of my son from a few weeks ago, he just learned how to swim and now we cant get him out of the water and he is fearless!!! we are using the Samsung HMX-W300 HD Underwater Camera and it is awesome!
Ok, now that you have seen how nuts my baby boy is let me show you what we had for dinner last week which was so yummy and easy….Cilantro Lime Tilapia Tacos…Yep!
Here is the recipe I promise you they are sooo good!

Now today however we were less healthy and instead went to pick up a pizza cuz I was not cooking tonight, I was dying of laughter when we tried getting into my mini cooper with this pizza, it is GINORMOUS! I had to put my seat all the way back and lean, lol!

mimi g.

19 thoughts on “My Kid’s a Fish, I love Tacos + That’s a big Pizza!

  1. LOL! I love it all! My daughter is 5 too and she has sharpened her swimming skills from last year! She is a fish too! Gotta love these water babies! Your son is hilarious!Pizza…BIG!! OMG!!Fish tacos are my faves! I want to come to your house!! Loving the personal update. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Hi Mimi,You amaze me how you do it all. The power of being a woman :-). I will definitely be trying this recipe. I heart fish tacos. That pizza looks like it is taking over you and the car…lol…I'm sure it was delicious!!!

  3. I can't wait to the try the recipe, looks Yum. I just started a new health regimen. I have done it numorous times so I won't talk about it this time I will be about it. LOL. Finger crossed. So how many people does that pizza feed?Oh and last night I made a pair of shorts with a fly front zipper, waistband and belt carrier (loops in the real world). LOL. Yeah thanks so much for the inspiration Mimi. I got my sewing machine smoking. Melanie

  4. Your little fish (son) is so adorable. Beware! he's going to be eating that whole pizza by himself before you know it. I have 3 boys..22, 19, & 15 so you can just imagine my grocery & take out bill, plus the friends they bring home (to eat). I can tell you have a ball with your children…beautiful. Have a blessed day. Oh… the fish taco's to yummy.

  5. LOL! Your son is such a sweetie! Why is it that the boys always get the gorgeous eyelashes? lol he reminds me of my own son, except mine is TERRIFIED of the pool. ugh…gotta work on that. Kudos on the homeschooling! Just curious, about your job are you an EA or PA?

  6. That is so awesome that you homeschool! Have you always homeschooled? I just started homeschooling my son this year. I love it, but there are times where it is very frustrating!!!!! Anyhow, those tacos look awesome. I love tilapia ,too, especially when it is grilled. That is great that your son is not scared of the water and can swim. THat is awesome. And yes, that Pizza is GINORMOUS!!!! LOL!

  7. Your little water baby I sooo cute! You're so correct…they are fearless at that age! OMG, that fish taco recipe looks fantastic! I will definitely be making that one and soon too!

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